DMR/Interactive and Texas A&M's The Download on Podcasting team will synthesize the immense amount of research that has been published. The team will then build on these findings by fielding an exploratory pilot study followed by a nationwide research project to further the insights available to radio and podcasting professionals.

In Phase One, The Download on Podcasting will focus on these areas:

Are podcast and radio listeners a duplicated audience? "Radio is still primarily listened to live and on actual radios. Podcast listening is time-shifted and primarily on smart phones. With these significant differences, we expect to learn a lot about how much or how little audience overlap exists," said Texas A&M researcher, Eva Vigh, a senior from Katy, TX.

Is podcasting a viable talent pool for radio? "Depending on who you ask, there's a healthy debate about whether or not podcasters see themselves as wanting to be on-air. As podcasting grows in popularity, it's entirely possible that many podcasters will never pursue a radio show of their own," said Rob Upchurch, a senior from Bedias, TX and member of the Texas A&M research team.

What are the biggest monetization opportunities and challenges for podcasting? "There's no shortage of headlines about the interest that advertisers have in podcasts, but it's still just a tiny fraction of the overall audio and digital advertising pie. Beyond the measurement limitations inherent in the Apple Podcast App, we look forward to examining the issue of monetization and are excited that Nielsen will begin measurement next year," said Ben Haase, a senior from Dallas, TX and member of The Download on Podcasting team at Texas A&M.

How are podcasters capturing and leveraging audience data? "User level data is a big part of what makes digital platforms so attractive to advertisers. Along with capturing and monetizing this data, how will podcasters use it to build relationships with their best listeners and drive TSL and consumption," said Meagan Hooker, a senior at Texas A&M from Italy, TX.